Meet ​Royce King, Co-Founder of Basketball Talk University, LLC and Managing Member of Royce King Sports, LLC.​ An ​IHSAA Boys Basketball Tournament Official,​ ​NCAA​ ​D3 Women’s Basketball​ ​Official,​ ​and former panel member on the Official NBA FNTSY HOUR twitch.tv/nba  webcast program.

Royce​ ​is an experienced and well rounded individual who’s relatable and a positive role model who didn’t grow up with it all, like a lot of the students.

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When Royce is enjoying rest and relaxation outside basketball he does so playing chess, telling jokes, and having fun with family and friends.

Royce King defined – “a person thinking about and planning the future with imagination & wisdom; who advises or shows the way to others expressly (something) in words.”

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“I am a Strategic Maximizer who is a Deliberative Arranger with Intellection.

  • Tested and documented by The Gallup Organization, Strengths Finder in 2006, while employed by The Ministry of Caring, House of Joseph III, in Wilmington, Delaware.